Welcome to our new drummer Ben Robins!

Posted 13 Mar 2012 in Latest News

After a long search and many auditions we have a new member of Undermine! Drummer of 16 years Ben Robins first heard of Undermine at a Screaming Jets show at the Governor Hindmarsh back in 2010. “I was amazed that an Adelaide band could produce such catchy, well, bloody awesome tunes and have so much power/energy/excitement on stage, I was instantly a fan and thought to myself how great it would be to be apart of such a rockin band.”

Through mutual friends in theAdelaidemusic scene, Ben was suggested so an audition was set up. “I was ecstatic! Here was my chance to make history! As the auditions were taking place I was given 5 songs to learn and perfect, then it was my turn to audition. Being the 9th drummer I was super nervous, the first click of my sticks to count in Recipe for Disaster fel

t just right! I new I was at home with the band!”

Ben made it onto a short list of drummers worthy of a second audition to really nut out the right guy for the job. “Time went past, receiving the phone call to say I was invited to go through to the second stage of the audition process, it felt great! So again I was given 5 more songs to learn and master.  The second audition came and I was ready to rock out once again, the presence I felt when playing the tracks was just awesome! Feeling I nailed the songs I waited as the band had a small discussion and then entered the room with all smiles, Matt announced that I was the new drummer for Undermine! I almost peed myself! I felt a great sense of achievement and relief that I could finally be apart of this powerhouse band UNDERMINE!”


After lots of rehearsing and planning for Undermine’s debut album launch, Ben felt right at home with the guys and felt a real chemistry when it come to writing material, not only this but a real mateship with the other members.  Once the correct amount of organising and planning had been done it was time to release the album with new drummer/member Ben. “Being apart of Undermine is such a rush for me, performing at the Arkaba for our debut album was super fun! Being on stage and being apart of the excitement and raw energy that Undermine produces was nearly overwhelming! The album launch turned out to be one of the best times I’ve ever had.”

Undermine now push forward onto bigger and better things! Stay tuned for some big news ahead!

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